Church Of Misery – USA Tour 2012 // Chaos in Tejas poster update

For many years I have been listening to the heavy riffs and unglodly-serial killer themed lyrics of Church Of Misery and I cannot even express how stoked I am of making this poster for them.

I decided NOT to use a serial killer in my design just because it’s really hard to choose one over so many sick freaks out there, plus, I’m pretty sure that most of them have been used in one way or another by other artists. Instead I decided to have a fearless, angry, and aggressive wolf… I believe it worked just fine.

Looking forward to printing these in the next couple of weeks. I should have them ready for the Austin show and I will also give a bunch to the band to take on the road, so be on the lookout for them as they will be a limited edition to be printed just once.

I will have a few available online. More details soon.


On other news, the Chaos in Tejas poster will never see the light of day on paper… can you believe some people still believe in fairy tales? Anyway, I’ll keep the gory details to myself but  I do want to thank all the people on the net that showed support by sharing the image and looked forward to owning a copy of the poster. I would specially like to thank the bands on the bill that liked and used the image,  Timmy (@Chaos in Tejas) for his efforts, Glenn at ripanddestroy, and Damon at Pork Chop.  Shit happens, moving on…


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