Shonen Knife Posters


If you don’t know these gals you really have been living under a rock for the past 30 years. These Japanese girls have been rocking out since the early 80’s and are playing a show at the Red 7 in a couple of months.  I love the Ramones, they love the Ramones, and we are a match made in Punkrock land circa 1975. I will be uploading the posters soon… yes, I said posters wityh an S… I have one down and hopefully I’ll make another one… one for the girls and another one for the boys.

“Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World”

UPDATE: Here’s the Shonen Knife design that I will be printing for the girls. I’m undecided about the colors, maybe I should print the 3 of them.

Shonen Knife Gig poster by El Chamuco

Hey Ho, Let’s Go!


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