Do It Yourself!

A few days ago one of the members of Beat Connection told me that it was quite incredible that I was willing to do all this work of printing posters at no cost to the band. My answer is very simple… I love music, graphic arts, and I have a DIY ethic that I try to apply in my life.

I did not learned this from College… I seriously learned it through punk rock!! Thanks to bands like Los Crudos, Sin Dios, even NOFX showed me that if you want to get something done and you have a passion for it you have to make it happen… That’s why I “play” music in my band Spitfrog even tough I’m not a musician, grow vegetables in my garden, or design and screen print posters even tough I won’t make a decent living doing any of these things.

To me it’s all about passion and pride of knowing that I can do something out of nothing. It would be easier to just play PS3, smoke dope, or watch tv all day. Wait, that doesn’t sound bad at all… ha!

Ok, enough talk… I present to you my new worktable and vacuum screen printing table… all DIY, of course.

Looking forward to print the CHURCH OF MISERY posters this week!!!


El Chamuco


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