Screen Printing Process: Beat Connection

I will be updating this post throughout the week as I start screen printing the Beat Connection posters. The burning process was quite successful thanks to my buddy Glenn @ and his sweet DIY setup at home. We were worried that some of the fine details in one of the films were not going to be burned but everything came out just great.

I have a lot of homework to do but hopefully I’ll be screen printing these by Friday evening. I’m thinking about printing a limited edition of maybe 30-40 signed and numbered prints.

UPDATE 6/17/12

I finished printing these last night and let me tell you that the they weren’t the easiest posters to print! I had a series of issues during the process, one of them being that the ink was drying fast on one the edges and it kept happening over and over again.  My issue was that the vacuum was blowing air and the stream kept drying that area. Stupid vacuum!!

Due to the fact that I ruined a bunch of paper I was limited to print a small number of posters, I believe I would have around 30 solid prints ready for the show on Thursday.

The process was not easy but the end result was awesome… I’m really digging the colors!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Keep it misterioso!


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