Summer Time

UPDATE 7/12/12

After slaying summer courses left and right El Chamuco is back and ready to get down and dirty…. next in line is the SHONEN KNIFE poster for their triumphant return to the Red 7.  More updates on the Shonen Knife process soon.

Additionally El Chamuco has a couple of top secret projects with not only one, but 2 talented artists in their field. Looking forward to share more info as these 2 different projects take form.

In the meantime, enjoy the music on the right hand side and for the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s sake… buy some posters from the store!

Keep it misterioso!


June 26: Chamuco ATX will not be updated for a couple of weeks as he will be fighting epic battles versus stupid deadlines, work, and team projects not related to the magical world of screen printing.

In the meantime, enjoy the new section on the right menu… The Chamuco will be changing the music selection every now and then.

Keep it misterioso.

El Chamuco


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