The Melvins Lite – DONE!!!!

10/01 UPDATE: Finished screen printing these last night.I might print a few more on dayglo Green. I will post these at the store in a week or so (got to get them signed/numbered and cut).



As some of you know already, the fine folks at Transmission Entertainment were pleased with my poster design for the upcoming show at the Mohawk and are using it to promote the show.

I will screen-print a limited edition of 18″x24″ – 4 inks posters to have available online, and if the band allows it, at the venue.

For this poster I will use fluorescent ink for the band name (orange)  but I will also try to print a bunch of green ones. I’m really stoked to see the posters finished, I like the design, the colors, but most importantly, I really like the Melvins!!!!

8/27 Update – The films are ready to burn thanks to the nice people who are running Damon’s shop (Porkchop).  You can see a photo of them right here.

I have to reclaim my screens and get them burned by my buddy Glenn @RipAndDestroy (visit his website and buy some of his posters!).

9/24 Update – 2 out of 3 screens burned and ready to go.  Planning on screen printing these over the weekend. Here’s a PHOTO of one of the screens…


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