New store on the works

I’m in the process of changing to a new online store. We should be all set at by the end of this week.  In it you will find my posters and random pieces of art… who knows, maybe other stuff too. 

For those of you waiting for the Housecore Horror Posters I have an update:

– I’m sorry (well, not really) to tell you that the poster for Goblin “sold out” an hour before they hit the stage.  I would only consider making a variant of the poster (different colors) out of respect for the ones who acquired the orginal poster… and only if enough people are interested in it…. so, let me know what you think and we’ll take it from there. 

GWAR, Down, Coffin Joe, and EYEHATEGOD posters will be in stock, as well as a few of the older posters. 


Keep an eye for a few VERY LIMITED editions… (Down Gold variant, GWAR signed by band, Down signed by Phil Anselmo). 

Thanks for your support. Keep it weird. 


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